Real Businesses Have Real Business Cards

Surprisingly, there are still many people fail to realize or even do not consider these business cards as marketing opportunity, despite handling and having them every day, stacking them at working desk, decking them inside the drawers as well as stashing them in wallets.

Now, it is time for us to see those tiny little papers as significant promotional tool to advertise ourselves, our company, our products or services, our business.

To some prospective customers, your business cards – in all sizes, shapes, and colors – are definitely going to tell a lot about your businesses. Depends on our choice of business card, potential clients may see about some implicit maters, such as how trustworthy we are, how qualified we are, how serious we are, or how resourceful we are, and many more.

Even more, since from the very first slight glance, possible consumers may establish their own opinion about the quality of our businesses or services due to the quality of our business cards. Yes, those little cards unconsciously will form the very first impression about your businesses and yourself. They will determine the fate whether any targeted audience will be hooked or not.

Standard Business Cards

Technically a standard business cards will have the dimension of 89cm (three and a half inches) across the top and 51cm (two inches) down the side. In general, this piece of paper is going to cover some important information, among others are Company name, your name, address, phone, email, fax, cell phone, home phone, company logo, business slogan, motto, and brand name.

Unquestionably, there are of course myriad numbers of standard business cards in templates and designs. However, you may go beyond with more eye-catching and impressive ones. The following are some significant considerations before designing your own unforgettable business cards:

Keep It Simple

Always remember that a business card has to be professional, clear to understand, and project your company or personal brand image.

  • Pick out easy-to-read fonts and keep with the traditional size.
  • For traditional business, such as finance or consulting, prevent from using too vibrant colors for fonts and also background.
Is Logo Important?

For such a small piece of paper, you have to put the most crucial information in your business cards. So, do you need logo or not to be featured in? Logo has been long taken into account as the “face” of company. Therefore, well-designed logo would definitely vital part as part of whole marketing strategy.

Do – Consider the appropriate logo size to assure the image look consistent with the overall information of your business card.

Don’t – Never use clipart to replace logo, if you do not have formal one.

List Most Important and Relevant Information

Fill your business cards with informative and relevant lists.

  • Basic information would include company name along with company logo, your name and your title, address, phone number, and email address. If you still have any space left, you may put company website, or even business slogan.
  • List from the most important items, in bigger fonts, and smaller for the lesser ones.
Physical Look

Once again, your business cards will reflect your company and also personal brand image. Of course, they should be standing out since from the very first glance. It means that we will take into account about the paper quality, paper shape, ink quality, printing process, even up to the typefaces and also colors.

Don’t – Avoid using thin and cheap paper! For this will lead to the receiver doubting about the quality of your business, products, and services.

Creative and Attractive

You don’t have to sacrifice creativity to keep your business cards in simple yet informative advertising tool. Let’s your creative imaginations run wild and design your own impressive business cards. Please feel free to check out some tips for designing your own unforgettable business cards.