Promote Your Business or Campaigns with Yard Signs

Don’t be confused with yard signs, lawn signs, bandit signs, placards, and also road signs. All of them are referring to the small signs basically applied to one of marketing tools, more particularly for local advertising by local businesses. They are also widely well-known during political or election campaigns more especially to show support certain candidate.

As implied by their names, yard signs commonly can be found on yards, street-facing lawns, or anywhere at a commercial or personal exterior property landscape.

H-Frame Yard Signs

H-frame is the common type for this yard signs. It is usually constructed in wire frames featured with at least two tines which are allowable to be inserted into the channels of ridged plastic signs.

The other ends of those tines can be implanted into the ground. Moreover, between those two tines there will be a single or double crossbar to give extra strength and also to create a look of singe unit for the overall frame. It also serves to avoid sign face from slipping down the tines.

I-Frame Yard Signs

In simple description, I-frame is another form of H-frame yard sign yet with no crossbar connecting the two legs. Rather, each leg has what-so-called an abutment functions as a stop for preventing the sign from falling down.

Other Placement Locations

For greater visibility, yard signs are also frequently located close to the road. For more detailed example, these signs would not be raised in most highways, so the sign face part nearest the highway will be within five feet of that highway’s right of way line.

During or closer to the election day, you may also see these yard or lawn signs are often placed near polling places, despite some legal restrictions on campaigning.

Physical Look

Similar to other advertising signs, yard signs are also come in different shapes and sizes. Yet, they can be generally discovered in rectangular shape and in size between 12 and 40 inches on each side.

They are also featured with lawn sign wires for they will be implanted on grass or dirt surface.


According to political scientist Mel Kahn, yard signs are able to help building name recognition, more especially for election candidates. It is also true that more commercial yard signs can be powerful in creating brand recognition.

This can be attributed to their portable and colorful natures, their stand out effect highly perfect for influential advertising media which results in profitable advantages to both personal and businesses.