Attract Potential Customers with Catchy Banners: Introduction

You can see these sorts of advertising displays everywhere – along the streets, buildings, stadiums, inside malls or offices as well as schools. They are usually huge and catchy in visual look. Yup, banners!

Both indoor and outdoor, banners can be found as street banners, festival banners, stadium banners or stadium flags, building banners, trade show banners, and still many more. They are being still and increasingly used as effective tool to promote company’s logo and businesses, inform special sale or discount events, sport games, or school info.

Banners in Historical Terms

Don’t you know that the word banner is etymologically derived from French word “bannière” and also late Latin word “badum”, in which both of them means a cloth out of which a flag is made.

As a result, banners are commonly defined as a flag or other piece of cloth that bear particular symbol, logo, as well as other messages.

Indeed banner making is such an earliest craftsmanship. One of historical proof of banners can be referred to church banners which usually depict the saint to whom the church is devoted.

Banners in Modern Times

From religious purposes, banners also have established their grip to the other spheres, such as governmental institutions, schools, industrial world and business ventures.

They are frequently fabricated commercially on plastic background. Even more, these advertising banners has been evolving from traditional cut-vinyl banners and transforming into printed banners with the help from sophisticatedly huge and supra-wide format inkjet printers.

These banners are reproduced on different sorts of vinyl and fabric materials by means of solvent inks and ultraviolet-curable inks, even designed in massive format, and featured with rich color hues.

As to technical application, you may normally see different banners are applied in various settings or circumstances. They can be hanging from any existing fixture or mounted on the wall, such as mesh banners or heavyweight vinyl banners. Or else they can be free standing retractable displays as shown by pop up backdrops, banner stands, and x-banner stands.

Other creative advertising applications:

  • Banners can be plastered behind a window screen
  • As billboards
  • On the top of skyscrapers
  • Hauled by airplanes or aircrafts
  • Two-sided banners
  • Three-sided banners
  • Trade show displays
  • Exhibition banners