Creative Business Cards With “WoW” Effect

Look at your existing business cards. Do they have something which is strikingly surprising factor that will market or advertise yourself or your business? Do they will directly amaze and grab any curiosity or even interest in your potential client’s mind?

If not, then try out the following creative or even unusually groundbreaking ideas for designing and enhancing your own unique business cards.

Infrequent Shapes – Instead of the traditional rectangular business cards, you may opt for unique squares, circles, ovals, and also triangles. It will be closely related to your brand. Uncommon sizes also would play powerful role here.

Extraordinary Material – Some incredibly unbelievable materials are using leather, brail or flashing business cards. Other surprising materials can be in form of wood, plastic, metal, and also cloth.

Language – take into account providing multiple languages, more particularly if your businesses are demanding international trips. For example, put phonetic spelling for difficult to pronounce names.

Trustworthiness – One of simplest and easiest examples can be carried out by printing colored images to your product(s). This will definitely create such a more credible reaction.

Pop-Up – Think about three-dimensional ideas. And yes, you may design and create your business cards into folding, pup-up cards!

Stickers – For pursuing stronger reminder of yourself, your company and also your business, as well as where to contact you, such peel-and-stick method will be innovative solution. Therefore, you may print one side your business cards on adhesive label paper.

Motivation – If you tend to be such a motivational person, well-known quotes, Bible verses, or movie lines can be perfect tool to link to your brand. Put them at the back of your business cards, and even you may read them while handing off to your prospective customers.

Get any inspirations? Actually, there still bunch of imaginative and even rarely artistic designs out there. So browse and swim into your fresh and innovative ideas, make your creativity to work, and come out with your fabulously “wow” business cards.