5 Benefits to Use Sidewalk Sign for Your Business

Sidewalk signs can work magic for your small business if used with the right strategy and the most effective ways to reach out to your local potential customers. To attract their attention, you need to stand out from the rest of the businesses around you. It’s all about simplicity and readability. Consider these 5 benefits to use Sidewalk sign for your business:

1. Attract Attention

Sidewalk signs are meant to be placed in high-traffic areas which will, by nature, incur high visibility. In a sense, they are somewhat demanding to be seen due to the fact that they share the same space as consumers or passerby. Depending on their size, sidewalk signs can garner different levels of attention. It’s important to know where you’re planning on placing your sign and what type of sign can fit there.

2. Advertise Specials

One of the most popular uses for sidewalk signs is to advertise specials, soup of the day, what’s on tap, etc. They can be easily updated, and in some cases you can write directly on them with erasable ink. Our sidewalk signs are made with replaceable and interchangeable signage so you can have one sign but multiple sign face options. This allows for a professionally printed solution for every day of the week!

3. Share Company Culture

There’s a growing interest among consumers to feel like part of a community when they patronize a business. They want to feel like they’re spending money somewhere they can relate to. Businesses are doing more to share what they’re about and what kind of people are behind the business than ever. Company culture is oftentimes a huge selling points to the modern consumer, and sidewalk signs are a fantastic way to share that with others! Put a sign out front with images and quotes that reflect what kind of atmosphere consumers can expect inside, and you’ll connect with like-minded clients immediately!

4. Low Cost Advertisement

As is a trend with our marketing solutions, sidewalk signs are affordable. Sign bases are usually buy once, use forever and the sign faces are easy to interchange or replace. When a new special is coming up or you just want to change out a menu, we can print brand new sign faces. Store the old ones and have multiple advertising options for the day, week or year!

5. Portability

Sidewalk signs have a handle on top for a reason! They’re designed to fold up to be easy to pull inside and store in a corner or behind a door. Some signs even have built-in wheels for additional mobility. Fill the bases with sand or water to keep them in place so they don’t get knocked over or blown away. While they’ll have added weight, they should still be highly portable.

Create your own Sidewalk Sign for just $145 today! Get your business noticed quickly and spread your words now.