Banners – what are they good for?

You’ve seen them everywhere: in the outfield ad your kid’s game, on billboards, over streets, at birthday parties and everywhere else! Banners are possibly the most popular form of signage for the average person. They’re lightweight, inexpensive and incredibly easy to use. Stores love hanging banners out front to advertise specials because they’re easy to see. Banners add a something special to birthday parties and celebrations because they’re above and beyond the ordinary. From hand-made banners to professionally printed banners, nothing else quite says “look at me” like a well-placed banner.

Birthday parties and celebrations

Everyone loves to be the center of a birthday party or celebration. It’s a great feeling to have people you know care about you show up to show their love. Custom Vinyl Banners are an inexpensive way to add an extra something special to those events. Lots of our clients add photos of the birthday person or even a small collage of photos. They’ll put their name in big bold letters and hang it over the venue. You can’t not smile when you walk in and see a big banner with your name on it!

Schools and churches

Banners are an absolute favorite for schools and churches. We’re not sure if it’s their affordable nature or their reusability that schools and churches love more, but we are sure there are plenty of reasons to love banners! With limited budgets, schools, churches and organizations can get their hands on big banners that fit within their available funding. Banners are reusable and can be easily stored for later uses. They’re also easy to put up, so you know whoever will be in charge of the banner won’t have an issue using it! When they get dirty, simply wipe them down, let them dry and roll them up! It doesn’t get easier than that!

Trade shows and events

Popup Banners can be seen at nearly every trade show and event. They’re portable, durable and usually interchangeable. Stands can be purchased while the banners can be swapped out based on location or time of year. Small businesses love them for their ease of use and beautiful display methods. They’re much easier than traditional trade show booths are to set up and tear down is a breeze! When popup banners are used in a series, you can create an entire wall of advertisements for a fraction the cost of other methods, and when you’re done take them down and go to the next place!

Storefronts and shops

New stores love banners as a temporary solution while waiting for their permanent signage to come in. Often times stores or shops will buy a banner and hang it outside to let the community know they’re open for business. Grand opening banners are very popular ways to show you’re the new business in town! For longer term solutions, stores sometimes opt for Mesh Banners. Due to the material they are made from, mesh banners withstand wind much better than vinyl banners and can last longer out front of your store.

Outside isn’t the only place shops like using banners. They’re a fantastic way to direct customers towards sales and announce events as well! Since they’re so inexpensive, making a banner here or there for sales on holidays is completely affordable. And best of all, they can be rolled up and saved for the next sale!

Bonus Tip: Designing your banners

Depending on your final use, designing your banners could be done different ways. Unlike Yard Signs or Magnetic Signs, banners are generally not meant to be read on the fly. This means we can be a little more creative in the designs and incorporate more complex images or text. Trade show banners will often have more text in a smaller point size because they’re meant for passersby to stop and read. Birthday or event banners can include photos or multiple photos because they’re meant to be seen and evoke emotion.

No matter what your application some excellent general guidelines for designing a banner are below:

  • Leave room for grommets along the outside, generally about an inch
  • Use colors! Banners are meant to be colorful and beautiful!
  • Pick an easy-to-read font, non Papyrus or we will cry

With that you should be well-equipped to star designing your new banner! Of course if you’re unsure about a design or don’t know where to start you can always try out one of our pre-made templates. If that’s still a little overwhelming or your project is too complex to do yourself, call us up and one of our talented graphic designers will be happy to help!