Why’s and What’s of Vehicle Advertising

What is the best way to advertise for your business? All signage is extremely profitable to a business, however, vehicle advertisements provide the best value.  Nearly every major brand has recognized the power of vehicle advertising. Can you think of another way to advertise your business to hundreds or thousands of people every day for under $100? Magnetic signs do just that. Year after Year! Compare that staying power to a 30 second radio spot or a 1 inch classified ad hidden in the newspaper.

To choose which type of vehicle sign will work best for your business plan, we provided this comparison outlining the variations of advertising materials you could use including: Magnetic Vehicle Signs, Tailgate Skins, Bumper Stickers, and Vinyl Lettering.


Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic Vehicle Signs let you capture the impact of outdoor advertising while allowing you to remove the signs when you prefer to go unnoticed. Both small businesses and large corporations get value from magnetic car signs on their cars, trucks and vans.

Our signs are made using premium USA made vinyl magnetic sheeting and printed with long lasting UV resistant bright inks to provide years of service. Our magnets are tested to hold tight at 80 mph. We also round the corners of all magnet signs to prevent the wind from getting under them. $22.50 a pair can give you years of durable and removable advertising.

Working on a tight budget? Value Car Magnets get your business the visibility you deserve at prices you can afford! Choose from 3 popular sizes and any color. Add as much text as you like – no limit. Our value magnetic car signs do the job and at $19.90 a pair the price is right.

We also offer, Magnetic Stencil Letters, Oval and Round Magnetic Car Signs, and Reflective Magnetic Car Signs.


Tailgate Skins

Digitally printed Tailgate Skins are a great way to transform large portions of your car into advertising space. They are a semi-permanent sticker that can be removed and thrown away leaving behind zero residue. The tailgate sticker has 3 years guaranteed for preeminent outdoor use with no fading or pealing. Get started for just $29.95!

Customize your look with options like and Reflective Vinyl Decals and Full Color Rounded Corner Decals.

Tailgate Skins

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers are a tasteful way to promote your business. Bumper Stickers take up a small portion of space on your car and can be distributed to many people. The more people who sport your bumper sticker the more eyes that are on your business. This is one of the most simple and effective way to advertise.

Bumper Stickers can also be used to advocate for your charity, church, or school, as well as show off your sense of humor!

We print our Bumper Stickers in long lasting full color and in any size and shape. Options include Removable Vinyl or Permanent Adhesive. 3 Year Outdoor Durability guaranteed.

Bumper Stickers

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering turns your rear window into a promotion! The advantage of vinyl lettering, over other vehicle signs, is that it removes the unnecessary negative space and allows for a professional looking design. Include your business name, title, contact information, and description right on your rear window!

We also offer Perforated Vinyl Decals. Perforation in the lettering allows the vehicle driver and passengers to see out, while those outside the vehicle only see your graphic design.

Dye Cut any design you want for your personal car or for school spirit fundraisers!

Family Vinyl Decal
With affordable vehicle signs from Discount Sign Shop, your vehicle is a moving ad to thousands of potential clients on your ride across town. Park in prominent places and your car door signs will attract attention while you are working and shopping. We can make your sign in several popular sizes or custom fit to your vehicle. You can upload your own design file or use one of 1,000 template designs. Our quick and easy design tool lets anyone become a graphic artist. Call our toll free number 800-966-0915 and someone on our customer support team will be glad to assist you in designing the perfect car signs.

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