4 Benefits of Advertising With Bumper Stickers

Few forms of advertising are as tried and true as bumper stickers. You’ve likely seen them everywhere, not just on the bumper of a car. They’re ubiquitous advertising tools and they’re most likely perfect for your business or organization. The real key to advertising with bumper stickers is to get your fans and customers to advertise for you! We’ve written some additional benefits for advertising with bumper stickers.

They’re Cheap To Produce In Large Quantities

When you’re choosing a mass appeal method of advertising like bumper stickers, the key is to find something that’s inexpensive to produce. With today’s printing technology, bumper stickers have never been easier to produce in large numbers. Our bumper stickers are printed on one machine and duct to size on another. This means you get perfectly trimmed bumper stickers every time!

Because the process can be automated now, it has driven the cost of bumper stickers way down. There aren’t many items you can produce and distribute that are cheaper than bumper stickers, making advertising with them a virtual no-brainer!

Distribution Is Fun And Easy

We’ve mentioned before that everyone loves stickers. They’re not just for kids, especially bumper stickers. People love putting stickers on their things to show everyone who they are and what brands they love. Bands and organizations really benefit from handing out bumper stickers any time they can. Their fans and customers stick them to their car, their laptop and anything else they can and all of a sudden, they’re advertising for you!

Bumper Stickers Reinforce Brand Identity

Building a brand can be incredibly difficult. It’s often hard to find the right logo and color scheme for your website or packaging to really drive the message home with people. However, once that brand is developed, bumper stickers are the perfect way to reinforce your brand. By giving bumper stickers our (or in some cases selling them) you’re showing clients and fans that you’re worth supporting. It builds a sense of personal relationship with your product and should the recipients stick that bumper sticker on their property, they’ve already made a pact with you.

Reinforcing brand identity is so important today because the more that others see your bumper sticker, and displayed by someone they trust, the more they will begin to trust you as well. Think of bumper stickers as a sort of symbiotic relationship with your fans. They’re building a sense of pride showing off their favorite brand and you’re getting virtually free advertising!

People LOVE Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are beloved. Bands sell them, organizations give them out and consumers stick them everywhere! We’ve seen bumper stickers on cars, bikes, personal property… even public property (though we don’t recommend that!). In any one trip to town you’re sure to see hundreds of bumper stickers. It’s hard to ignore bumper stickers as an advertising venue when you can see them on virtually any surface around your town. We sell thousands of bumper stickers and our clients have been designing their own with our online design tool. They have fun designing and distributing them and their fans have fun sticking them!