What Yard Sign Is Right For Me?

No sign is quite as ubiquitous as the yard sign. We see them everywhere. Yard signs are on our drive to work, they’re hanging in store fronts, they’re outside the grocery store. Presidential campaigns love them because they’re so cheap they can make thousands and canvas an entire town. Yard signs are probably the cheapest way to get the word out everywhere fast. And because they’re so cheap, people usually order a lot.

We sell two primary types of yard signs: coroplast and aluminum. Of course, there are other types as well, but these two are by far the most common. Coroplast is short for corrugated plastic and they are very sturdy plastic signs which are kept in place usually by cheap aluminum stakes. Coroplast is the cheapest of the two options and it’s incredibly versatile. Aluminum, on the other hand, is significantly more durable and has a few more uses. Both are great options, but it helps to know which is the best for your application.

Coroplast Yard Signs

If you’re looking to really print a lot of signs, Coroplast Yard Signs are your sign by far. Coroplast is a favorite for political campaigns, schools, contractors and small businesses. The only sign type cheaper than corollas are paper or plastic bag signs which have virtually no lasting power and can be dangerous for the environment. Unlike the paper bag or plastic signs, coroplast signs will stick around. The rigid nature of coroplast keeps it from crumbling under high winds, folding or blowing away. They’re much more visible than other cheaper options because they maintain their shape and don’t have as high a risk of leaving their post.

Coroplast is reusable and recyclable. The signs can be taken down and moved or just stored and reused. They’re easy to cut with a knife and can be repurposed if needed as well. While coroplast is reusable and stronger than paper or plastic bags, it’s still somewhat disposable. The corrugated plastic can get damaged and fade over time and constantly placing them and removing them to reuse them will eventually damage them, especially if you’re transporting them in a truck bed. Because some of our clients have a need for a more durable sign, we also offer aluminum signs.

Aluminum Yard Signs

When you’re using, transporting and reusing your signs often, nothing beats Aluminum Yard Signs. Though they are somewhat more expensive and less versatile than coroplast, they are far more durable and sturdy. Aluminum yard signs can withstand extreme weather with virtually no wear. They are a favorite for realtors who will place a sign for several months at a time just to be reused again immediately after. They don’t fade as quickly and they don’t damage as quickly.

Aluminum yard signs can be placed in a standalone stand but are often used in custom sign posts or stands. Realtors often have beautiful wooden posts which aluminum signs fit perfectly into. Real estate rider signs are usually made of aluminum as well to match the realtors primary signage. Reusing aluminum yard signs is a breeze as they’re still lightweight and heavy duty enough to be thrown in a truck and moved.

Placing your yard signs

An important factor in choosing the correct yard sign is knowing where you’re going to place it. Placement is key to an effective yard sign.

Coroplast yard signs are often placed on the roadside or in parking lots. They’re popular for these uses due to their low cost, since it doesn’t matter as much if they go missing or get tampered with. They’re easily visible and if you forgot all the locations you left them, you’re not out a substantial amount of money. They’re seen advertising politicians, businesses, parking lots and more temporary occasions.

Likewise, aluminum yard signs are more popular when they’re going to be used for long periods of time and reused. You’ll most often see them on sign posts or in their own stakes. They end up in storefront signage, outside real estate listings and at contracting sites.


Bonus Tip: Designing your yard signs

Designing a yard sign isn’t difficult. It should follow a few simple rules. For more in-depth tips, be sure to check our blog and get tips on designing all sorts of products.

  • Keep the sign simple
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Make text BIG, especially important text like phone numbers
  • Keep images and logos to 1/3 the overall size of the sign or smaller
  • A border can help draw in attention

We’re always adding new content to the blog with information on design tips, products and more, so be sure to check back regularly for all things signs and advertising!