Optimize Your Holiday Signage With These Easy Tips

The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your holiday signage ready if you haven’t already. November and December is the biggest shopping month of the year, so you want to make sure you’re ready and have your signs in place. After years in the sign industry, we’ve seen quite a few holiday seasons come and go. This year, we’ve put together some tips we’ve gathered over the years. The most important thing is to keep it fun and get people excited about what you have to offer!

Use Sidewalk Signs To Pull In Customers


If you’re running a small shop with a visible storefront or even a store in the mall, Sidewalk signs (also known as A Frames) are the perfect sign for your business! They’re easy to fold up and put away as well as move any time you need. They fill with sand to hold them in place and they’re highly reusable. Most A Frame signs have replaceable sign fronts so as your sales change, you can keep the sign and just replace the artwork. They’re easy to install and change faces any time you want.

Sidewalk signs are the best for smaller stores to pull people off the streets or busy aisles into your storefront. We’ve got other ides for bigger stores, but we can’t forget our love for A Frames!

Send Shoppers To The Right Place

Signage is important to inform those within eyesight of what’s important nearby. In larger stores, signage is great to show customers where to go for those great holiday deals and find the products they’re looking for. Using the right display method allows you to reuse the the signs by just replacing the artwork as needed.

Make It Big!

Big signs get seen more easily. If you have windows on your shop, fill them up! If not, make big signs for your walls an aisles. This means customers will not only see the signage easier, but they’ll be more attracted to it. They’ll see your designs and want to take a closer look. In stead of waiting for their attention, you’ll be GRABBING for it!

Ask For Attention

Social media is the way of the world these days and it’s pretty likely your company has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any of the other wildly popular social media accounts. If so, be sure to let people know! Include your handle with a logo of the social media network you’re using. It’s ok if you don’t use them all, just show off the ones that are your favorite that you’re the most active on.

Get Festive

People love the holidays for many reasons, but at the top of that list is because it’s a great time to get nostalgic. They get together with friends and family and make memories every year. Seasonal themes play to these emotions well, so always include seasonal imagery, color schemes and artwork. Use clipart of Santa, a fireplace or a Menorah. Get people in the Christmas spirit with a fully decked-out Christmas tree and make your advertising materials really sing the holiday tunes.

Combine Multiple Advertising Tools


So maybe you love Window decals that look like snowflakes or poster signs with your favorite holiday imagery, but there’s no reason to stick with just one. Deck the halls, go all out and cover your storefront in decorations. We sell lots of holiday wall clings, window clings, decals, banners, magnetic signs, posters and so much more. With our online design tool, you’re able to get really creative and our stock photography integration offers a plethora of Christmas, Chanukah and other holiday imagery for your designs. If you’re having trouble making something on your own, let us know and our designers will help you out!