Economy Pop Up Backdrops

Economy pop up banners are light weight and affordable. Our popup banner stands work perfectly for trade shows and events and banners can be replaced and changed out. The lighter-duty stands are more affordable than the Premium Banner Stands while offering all the same visibility and portability!


These retractable banner stands are ideal portable products for expositions, malls, lobbies and restaurants.

These economy pop up backdrops are the ideal banner to take with you to an outdoor event or trade show even at a low budget. A pop up backdrop has an incredibly small footprint and is stored and transported in an easy to carry tube. One person is all it takes to unroll the banner, taking it away is as easy as pressing down, and it pops up back into its safety “harness”. A pop up backdrop features a collapsible banner that could be put away easily and reused when needed. Your banner is secured to the hardware, making setup of the backdrop an effortless experience.

We use only the highest quality material and vibrant UV inked colors guarantee that your banner will be noticed. Your logo, products, and services will pop out in crisp and vibrant colors in an instant to make a brilliant backdrop. Changing graphics is just as easy with adjusting the tabs at the base in releasing the fabric and displaying a new or different banner in its place. Try the economy pop up backdrops, as you will be impressed by its simplicity yet durability and low price.

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